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When navigating the legal terrain of Aggravated Assault in Lubbock Texas, having a seasoned attorney with a proven track record is indispensable. Luke W. Jordan, with over 28 years of relentless dedication to criminal defense, stands as a formidable legal ally committed to safeguarding your rights and securing the best possible outcome for your case.

Background and Expertise:

Luke W. Jordan’s legal journey began after graduating from the Texas Tech School of Law in 1987, following an academic tenure at the University of Virginia. His illustrious career commenced at the Lubbock County District Attorney’s Office, where he honed his skills and swiftly ascended to the position of Chief Felony Assistant District Attorney for Lubbock County. Subsequently, he served as the Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas, amassing invaluable experience in the intricacies of the criminal justice system.

Dedication to Criminal Defense:

With a commitment to serving the Lubbock community and surrounding areas, Luke W. Jordan established his own practice dedicated exclusively to criminal defense. His approach combines an approachable, relaxed office atmosphere with a zealous and assertive representation inside the courtroom.


Vast Legal Experience:

Luke W. Jordan brings a wealth of experience in handling a diverse spectrum of criminal cases, ranging from the most serious offenses, such as murders, sexual assaults, and drug conspiracies, to matters as seemingly minor as traffic tickets. He understands the gravity of each case and recognizes the need for personalized attention and vigorous advocacy regardless of the charge’s severity.


Your Trusted Legal Ally:

At Luke W. Jordan P.C., there is no substitute for the depth of knowledge and proficiency derived from 28 years of relentless dedication to criminal defense. Luke W. Jordan understands your needs and endeavors not only to guide you through the legal process but also to ensure you receive the most favorable result possible.


Free Initial Consultation:

For individuals facing criminal charges, including Aggravated Assault, Luke W. Jordan P.C. offers a FREE initial consultation. Take the first step in securing dedicated and expert legal representation for your case by contacting Luke W. Jordan’s office today.

Understanding Aggravated Assault in Lubbock Texas

Defining the Seriousness of Aggravated Assault Charges

Elements of Aggravated Assault
Aggravated Assault is characterized by various elements, which may include:

Severity and Consequences:

The legal repercussions of an Aggravated Assault conviction in Texas are substantial.A conviction may result in:

Luke W. Jordan’s Insight:

Drawing from his extensive experience, Luke W. Jordan comprehends the severity of Aggravated Assault charges and the life-altering consequences they entail. He is dedicated to employing his knowledge and resources to meticulously craft a robust defense strategy aimed at mitigating the impact of these charges.

Your Legal Rights:

If you are facing allegations of Aggravated Assault, understanding your legal rights is crucial. Luke W. Jordan is committed to guiding you through this challenging time, ensuring you are informed, empowered, and equipped to make sound legal decisions.


Tailored Defense Strategies:

With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of Aggravated Assault cases, Luke W. Jordan formulates personalized defense strategies. His approach involves diligent case analysis, thorough investigation, and strategic planning to safeguard your rights and pursue a favorable resolution for your case.

Aggravated Assault charges in Texas are a serious matter that demands immediate and skilled legal representation. Luke W. Jordan stands ready to champion your defense, leveraging his experience and unwavering dedication to secure the best possible outcome for your Aggravated Assault case.

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Luke W. Jordan's Approach:

Strategic and Zealous Defense Tailored to Your Case

Luke W. Jordan, known for his experience in criminal defense, adopts a proactive and meticulous approach when defending clients accused of Aggravated Assault. His methodology encompasses a fusion of unwavering advocacy and personalized attention, ensuring a robust defense tailored to the unique circumstances of each case.

Personalized Legal Representation:

At Luke W. Jordan P.C., we understand that each Aggravated Assault case is unique. Luke prioritizes understanding your situation, meticulously analyzing case details, and collaborating closely with you to build a personalized defense strategy.

Extensive Experience in Aggravated Assault Cases:

With a career spanning decades and encompassing a wide array of criminal defense cases, including Aggravated Assault, Luke W. Jordan has amassed invaluable experience and insights. His wealth of knowledge allows him to navigate the complexities of the legal system effectively.

Vigorous Advocacy Inside and Outside the Courtroom:

Luke W. Jordan embodies an assertive and resolute advocate in the courtroom. His courtroom demeanor, coupled with comprehensive case preparation, aims to present a compelling defense on your behalf.

Supportive Guidance Every Step of the Way:

Facing Aggravated Assault charges can be distressing. Luke W. Jordan and his team provide steadfast support, keeping you informed, addressing concerns, and guiding you through every phase of the legal process.

Commitment to Achieving Favorable Outcomes:

Luke W. Jordan’s unwavering commitment is to secure the best possible resolution for your case. Whether pursuing negotiations, presenting a strong defense in court, or exploring alternative strategies, his goal remains the protection of your rights and interests.

In the intricate landscape of Aggravated Assault charges, having a seasoned and dedicated attorney like Luke W. Jordan advocating for you can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Luke’s proactive and personalized approach, combined with his wealth of experience, positions him as a stalwart defender committed to protecting your rights and securing a favorable resolution.

Types of Aggravated Assault Defenses:

Strategic Approaches in Aggravated Assault Defense

Luke W. Jordan employs a range of meticulous defense strategies when representing individuals facing Aggravated Assault charges. His depth of experience and expertise allows him to navigate complex legal scenarios and craft compelling defenses tailored to the unique circumstances of each case:

Self-Defense Arguments:

In situations where self-defense applies, Luke W. Jordan rigorously asserts this defense strategy. He carefully examines the circumstances surrounding the incident, aiming to demonstrate that the accused acted in self-defense to protect themselves or others from harm.

Lack of Intent or Mistaken Identity:

Another possible defense strategy involves challenging the prosecution’s claim regarding the accused’s intent or establishing mistaken identity. Luke meticulously analyzes evidence to undermine assertions of intent or to establish the possibility of mistaken identity.
Challenging Evidence or Witness Credibility:

Luke W. Jordan thoroughly scrutinizes presented evidence and witness testimonies. He strategically challenges inconsistencies or inadequacies in the evidence and witnesses’ credibility to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

Unlawful Search and Seizure Issues:

If applicable, Luke W. Jordan explores and challenges any potential violations of constitutional rights, particularly regarding unlawful search and seizure. He meticulously examines whether evidence was obtained through illegal means, aiming to suppress such evidence from being used against the accused.

Luke W. Jordan strategically employs various defense approaches tailored to the specific circumstances of Aggravated Assault cases. His meticulous analysis, strategic planning, and advocacy aim to present compelling defenses, protecting the rights and interests of his clients accused of Aggravated Assault.

Importance of Legal Representation:

Understanding Your Rights and Necessity of Counsel

Facing Aggravated Assault charges in Lubbock, Texas, is a daunting situation that necessitates comprehensive legal guidance and representation. Luke W. Jordan is committed to ensuring you comprehend your rights and the pivotal role an experienced attorney plays in safeguarding those rights.

Legal Guidance Amidst Complexities:

Navigating the complexities of the legal system alone can be overwhelming. Luke W. Jordan offers invaluable guidance, explaining the legal process, potential consequences, and available defense strategies to empower you with knowledge.

Protecting Constitutional Rights:

Being accused of Aggravated Assault doesn’t strip away your constitutional rights. Luke W. Jordan staunchly defends your rights, ensuring fair treatment and protecting against any potential violations throughout the legal proceedings.

Preserving Fair Treatment:

In a criminal case, fair treatment is crucial. Luke W. Jordan diligently works to ensure that you are treated justly and fairly by the legal system, irrespective of the severity of the charges against you.

The Role of Competent Legal Counsel:

Having competent legal counsel like Luke W. Jordan by your side is not only beneficial but often critical in securing a positive outcome. His expertise and familiarity with the legal landscape are indispensable in your defense.


Empowering Informed Decisions:

Luke W. Jordan believes in empowering his clients by providing the necessary information and options. Informed decisions are vital, and he ensures you understand the potential ramifications of each legal step.


The significance of legal representation in an Aggravated Assault case cannot be overstated. Luke W. Jordan’s commitment to upholding your rights, offering comprehensive guidance, and providing unwavering support underscores his dedication to ensuring fair treatment and a robust defense for each client.

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