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Luke W. Jordan has extensive legal experience helping citizens with criminal legal matters in Brownfield and the surrounding area.

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Luke W. Jordan, Esq., the dedicated criminal lawyer behind the firm. He brings extensive knowledge, expertise, and a fervor for justice to every case. Rooted in integrity, professionalism, and tailored service, he are dedicated to delivering top-tier legal representation in Brownfield, TX. The philosophy of the firm centers on forging robust attorney-client connections built on trust, communication, and tangible results

Brownfield, Texas – Legal Services by Luke W. Jordan, Criminal Defense Attorney

Brownfield, the heart of Terry County, Texas, stands as a testament to strong community values and a commitment to growth and development. Known for its rich agricultural industry and welcoming community, Brownfield offers a blend of traditional values and modern innovation.

Luke W. Jordan, a distinguished Criminal Defense Attorney based in Lubbock, extends his comprehensive legal services to Brownfield. His expertise covers a wide range of criminal law areas, ensuring that residents of Brownfield have access to proficient and reliable legal representation. From tackling complex legal challenges to providing guidance on simpler matters, Luke W. Jordan is committed to delivering justice and upholding the rights of his clients.

Linking Brownfield and Plainview

In addition to serving Brownfield, Luke W. Jordan also provides legal services to the residents of Plainview, TX, further showcasing his dedication to serving the broader region with unwavering commitment and legal expertise.

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